These cushions are made from old fabric of recycled tents sold by the military. In northern India, where a big military base is located, surplus items are commonly distributed to the surrounding cities. Green for jungle, beige for desert, white for snowy mountains, different colors of fabric for different battle fields are gathered for wholesale and it grabbed PUEBCO’s heart to see so many layers of fabric piled up. Workers there wear some of the surplus items without caring about its original purpose. We especially remember a man using a sheet that is usually used for sleeping on a train as a turban instead. Seeing it wrapped around his head was strangely cool. A large tent we purchased, after it was washed, was cut carefully to avoid the metal eyelets and windows. Sometimes divided pieces of fabric were sewn together to make a big piece. The result is that none of the finished cushions look the same.”

Note: This product is made by repurposing used camping tents. Because the material was overworked in the harsh environment of the open air and elements, there was dirt, rust, tears and holes accompanying it. Friction causes dirt and dyes to transfer to other things such as clothing. Because the fabric weakens due to aged deterioration, it may break or be broken by washing. Color and design will be assorted.

Area: India

Approximate Size:  W 14.5 in. x L 14.5 in.
Color, Design: Assorted
Material: Repurposed  Fabric (Cotton, others), Urethane Foam



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