Handmade cluster of 3 ceramic pitchers (small, large, and tall) is inspired by the geometric forms of Bauhaus classics, and work as both functional pieces (for liquids or flowers) and sculptural object; and equally at home on the dinner table.

Embodying the values of the Novah Family, Novah Pourers aptly named Nano & Pico for their size and function are designed down to their essence. Finding their inspiration in the Bauhaus classics, these pourers are moulded and glazed by hand in India using traditional techniques. With contours for easy flow, the pourers are simple yet classical in their approach and attribute. An essential for your daily routine, use them to serve dressings & sauces for your meals to milk and cream for your coffee & tea.

Available in Off-White, Black and Brown.


Syzygy pieces begin with an idea — and then, a sketch. The battle, says designer Ankit Kumar, is for the brand’s team of ceramicists in New Delhi to produce a real-world piece that comes as close as possible to achieving that original vision. “Usually, we’ll go through multiple iterations in the form, with a constant back and forth between the factory and design studio, to make the design practical and functional,” Kumar says. “In the case of Novah Pitchers, the final product is what was imagined in sketches — we were delighted.” That success is perhaps doubly noteworthy because of the challenge of working across design traditions — with the Novah pieces, the goal was “to forge a connection between Bauhaus ideology to Indian crafts,” Kumar says. “We challenged traditional craftsmen to develop a form that was completely unique and unfamiliar to their usual approach.”






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