Introducing the Utilitario Mexicano Molcajete, a traditional Mesoamerican kitchen essential crafted from volcanic stone. Compact and weighing approximately 10.5 ounces, this handmade piece from Mexico adds authentic flair to your culinary adventures.

The molcajete, a staple in Mexican cuisine, is used for grinding various foods like grains, spices, and vegetables to create flavorful sauces and dishes. Made from volcanic stone, each molcajete bears the unique characteristics of its origins.

To ensure longevity, wash with hot water and a brush, avoiding soap or detergents. Dry thoroughly before storage. Suitable for stovetops, ovens, and open flames, the Utilitario Mexicano Molcajete enhances your cooking rituals with tradition and authenticity.


Honey Creeper, Mini Stone Molcajete, 3 Cotton Cloths Set – Ecru, 3 Cotton Cloths Set – Stripes, Opener


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