In the search for the sweet spot where nature and modern-day living meet, The House of Green delivers solutions for a perfect blend of both worlds.

As the lines between technology, work, and play become increasingly blurred, it is natural we are drawn towards the simplicity and solace of nature as a salve to our everyday chaos. But what if that tranquility could be achieved as a part of our daily work-life-balance? The House of Green is a collection of the most stunning architecture and interiors incorporating nature into their designs, exploring the benefits to homes, workplaces, and more. From design lovers looking to revamp a home to modern-day professionals searching for new sustainable solutions, The House of Green showcases the equilibrium for that ever-elusive balance.

Editors: gestalten
Release date: April 2024
Format: 9 × 11 1/2 inches
Features: full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages
ISBN: 9783967041408

FSC™️ (Forest Stewardship Council™️) Certified.


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