Our mission to create sustainable, thoughtful, functional things for your home and life is stronger than ever. We’ll be launching some new products soon that we hope will be a forehead-slapping, “how did we get by without this?” type of thing.
All but one of our products are packaged in 100% compostable packaging (next on the list). Everything from our clear bags to our stickers and mailers are able to go back into the ground. Just a tip: our clear bags biodegrade best when you fill them with food scraps vs composting them empty– so, get your garbage ready!
All of our bath rugs are made using 100% sustainably sourced cotton and our Quiet towels are organically-dyed in Portugal for us.

Canvas Shower Curtain Marfa Hesse, Canvas Shower Curtain Marfa Bubble, Quiet Towel Storm, Quiet Towel Clay, Arco Towel Desert, Arco Desert Bath Rug, Arco Hike Blanket, Arco Desert Blanket, Hooks


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