Each Pill Tray Set comes with three pieces: Original Match Holder, Pill Tray & Palo Santo

Meet the Pill Tray Set! We’ve combined our Original Match Holder, Pill Tray and our Palo Santo/ Smudge Sticks to make one super cute set. All you have to do is decide if you want Palo Santo or a Smudge Stick to adorn your new set. All of our products are handmade in small batches. Color variations and patterns are normal when dealing with concrete, as are small air bubbles. This gives our pieces a unique one of a kind quality.

Tenn Prairie was made for scent enthusiasts. For people who love just a little more beauty in their everyday rituals. We are a candle and scent accessories company founded on the idea that we can make cool things right here in the states. We believe self-care can be elevated by something as simple as a beautifully handcrafted match holder. We believe in mixing and matching until you find a color story that suits your mood.




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