Each OneLogFire is fitted with a natural firestarter, so all you have to do is ignite it through the hole in the side – it will then burn for at least two hours and additional wood can be added later if you want the fire to continue longer.

The One Log Fire® Original is an easy to light, quick-start Campfire Log that burns from the inside out. Inspired by the traditional European Swedish torch, this portable single-log campfire delivers a unique and innovative way to light a small but elegant fire – perfect for lakeside bonfires, backyard barbecues, beach outings, or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next gathering. Historically, these fire logs were used by soldiers for cooking, warmth, and light. Now, you can enjoy the traditional Swedish fire log everywhere you go!

The scent of this Red Pine Original Campfire Log is soothing and free from toxins, bugs, or other chemicals that pollute the environment. The fire starter is also all-natural, making it safe for cooking marshmallows, hotdogs, or any other campfire recipes you have in mind. In addition, this single-log bonfire will help you use less wood while giving you a hassle-free, reliable campfire experience that you can take anywhere!

  • Light-weight w/carrying handle on top to take anywhere
  • Meticulously kiln-dried and cut for a consistent and controllable two-hour burn
  • Great for tabletop fires
  • Campfires made easy
  • Approximate dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 8″ in height
  • Weighs less than 2 lbs. – perfect for transporting
  • Handmade in Minnesota using Red Pine
  • DNR approved firewood
  • No cleanup
  • Perfect for s’mores!


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