The M5 Cup, crafted from 26-gauge enamel steel, distinguishes itself with its versatility and adaptability. Measuring 5 x 5.5 cm, it surpasses traditional cup functions, serving as a multipurpose utensil for various applications in the home and on the table. Its size makes it perfect for espresso, cocktails, shots, sauces, condiments, desserts, or snacks, offering a colorful and fresh presentation. Known for exceptional quality, the M5 Cup ensures durability, safety, and hygiene, resisting bacteria growth and odor retention. As a symbol of Utilitario Mexicano’s craftsmanship, it showcases the enduring reputation of enamel steel, revered for its durability, cultural significance, and practical advantages. Today, enamel steel is experiencing a revival, valued for its beauty, connection to Mexican culture, and superior qualities, making the M5 Cup a valuable choice for those seeking excellence and versatility in kitchen utensils.

Pack Includes: 6 units.

Material: Enamel steel.


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