Cooking on an open fire is the most archaic of all cooking methods. This cookbook provides many varied recipes as well as practical tips.

For decades, open-fire cooking has been considered a pastime reserved for scouts and elite soldiers, leaving the rest of us to grill sausages on the terrace. But open-fire cooking is for everyone. It is sensuous and impractical in the best sense of the word. It is as much about the time spent making the food as it is about eating it.

Cooking on Fire is full of delicious firecooked recipes requiring varying degrees of effort. It teaches you how to build and light campfires, different campfire cooking techniques, the equipment you will need (if any), and everything else you need to know.

You’ll find classic recipes like Chilli Con Carne and roasted chestnuts but also more challenging dishes that require a fair amount of time—which is a good thing. Because if there is one thing the authors would like to accomplish with this book, it is to give you, the reader, the freedom to sit down by the fire, and with food as the excuse, look into the flames, and relax.

Editors: gestalten & Eva Helbæk Tram and Nicolai Tram
Release date: October 2023
Format: 8 1/4 × 10 1/4 inches
Features: full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 272 pages
ISBN: 9783967041316

Eva and Nicolai Tram both come from careers in the gastronomic world and food media, she as a sommelier and food critic, he as a chef at fine dining restaurants and TV producer.

In 2017, they moved with their two young boys from the city of Copenhagen to the Swedish woods, seeking a better balance between work and family life. As they spent more time in nature, they soon found that cooking on fire came naturally, and this book grew from their shared passion for cooking and nature.

After the original publication of Cooking on Fire in 2020, Eva und Nicolai Tram opened Knystaforsen, a restaurant with campfire cooking as the core of the kitchen. In 2022, the restaurant earned a Michelin star as well a Michelin green star for sustainability.


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